SmartZ Devices

I.O.T. Workz developed its own unifying mobile app that is capable of integrating smart devices using different wireless protocol (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee) and over 86 smart devices from fixtures to appliances.

We brand this our SmartZ solution. All our integration will be voice assistant connected through Google Home, Amazon Echo and Tmall Genie.

Our comprehensive range of products comprises of Wi-Fi and ZigBee 3.0 protocols. ZigBee is becoming the de facto standards of Smart Home integration worldwide as Wi-Fi are subjected to bandwith limtiation, signal fluctuations and carries higher payload as more devices are added to the wireless Local Area Network (LAN).

With ZigBee devices communicating to our ZigBee gateway for monitoring controlling of smart devices, it alleviates the stress that Smart Home implementation will have on a all Wi-Fi Smart Home

SmartZ App

Our in-house SmartZ app is an app that integrates all the devices highlighted in the Product Catalog provided. All devices added will be Google Home ready.