USR-DR302 DIN-rail RS485 Serial to Ethernet Converter

USR-DR302 Modbus RS485 to Ethernet converter can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS485 and Ethernet. Via web-page or software, rs485 to Ethernet Converter can realize serial data and TCP/IP data package transparent transmission.

  • RS485 Port, Industrial Grade
  • Standard DIN-rail mounting
  • Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP

Work mode

TCP Client
Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR302 will initiate TCP connection to the destination IP address that configured by the user and serial to Ethernet converter will continuously try to reconnect if establishing TCP connection unsuccessfully.

TCP Server
Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR302 monitors the set port and waits for a TCP client connection. Data from the serial device will transmit to all successfully-connected via serial to Ethernet converter.

UDP Client
USR-DR302 only communicates with the target interface of the target IP, thus to assure the accuracy of data transmission.

UDP Server
DR302 can transmit the data automatically to the last time transferred device after receiving the data, which is suitable for multi-network devices that need to communicate with the DR302.

HTTPD Client
DR302 supports the function of transmitting the serial data to the specified server in the form of HTTPD (GET/POST).


Work VoltageDC 5.0~36.0 V
Work Current130mA@5V
Ethernet PortRJ45,10/100Mbps
Serial Port Baud rate600-460.8K(bps)
Serial PortRS485*1
Network ProtocolTCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IPV4
IP TypeStatic IP, DHCP
ConfigurationSoftware, Web-page, AT command
Work ModeTCP Server/TCP Client/
UDP Server/UDP Client
Modbus RTU to TCP
Similar RFC2217Support
Httpd ClientSupport
TCP Server Connection

Support to connect max 8 TCP client
Network CachingSend: 6Kbyte, Receive: 4Kbyte
Serial Port Caching

Receive: 2Kbyte
Average Transmission Delay<10ms
SoftwareVCOM, USRIOT_Cloud, Setup software, test proforma
Packaging Mechanism4 bytes package time
1024 bytes package length
CertificateCE, RoHs,FCC
GradeIP30, 1.5KV
Size71.0 x 60.0 x 25.0 mm
Work Temp-40~85c
Storage Temp-40~105c
Work Humidity5%~95% RH
Storage Temp-40 ~ 85°C (industry)
Storage Temp5%~95% RH

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