USR-DR504-E Industrial cellular RS485 4G LTE Modem

USR-DR504-E is an Industrial cellular RS485 4G LTE Modem with European band with RS485 Port, it can realize the data transmission between RS485 and 4G Network.

  • European Frequency
  • DIN-Rail Install
  • Tiny size, Easy to carry

Product Details
PC+ABS material, VO class flame retardant to ensure the safety

Basic Function
RS485 Port, it can realize the data transmission between RS485 and 4G Network

Working mode


Wireless Parameters
Wireless standardWAN *1
Standard frequency rangeFDD-LTEBand 1/2/3/5/7/8/20
TDD-LTEBand 38/40/41
HSPA+/WCDMABand 1/2/5/8

Band 2/3/5/8
Transmitting powerTDD-LTE+23dBm(Power class 3)
FDD-LTE+23dBm(Power class 3)
WCDMA+24dBm(Power class 3)
EDGE Band8+27dBm(Power class E2)
EDGE Band3+26dBm(Power class E2)
GSM Band8+33dBm(Power class 4)
GSM Band3+30dBm(Power class 1)
Antenna optionsSMA interface
Hardware parameters
Data interfaceRS485:2400bps - 230400bps
Work voltageDC 9V~36V
Work currentAverage:83.69mA- 98.26mA@12V Max:232.91mA@12V
Work temperature-30℃ - 75℃
Storage temperature-40℃ - 95℃
Software parameters
Work modeTransparent transmission mode, SMS mode
Setting commandAT+Command
Network protocol

Maximum TCP connection number2
User configurationSerial AT command ,Net AT command ,Message AT command
Customer application software

Support customized application software
Software function
Domain name solution DNSSupport
Modbus protocol conversionSupport
Simple transmissionSupport TCP Client/TCP Server/UDP Client
Message functionsSupport
Heartbeat packageSupport
Registration package mechanism

Custom registration package/ICCID /IMEI
User-cloud serviceSupport
Remote updateSupport

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