USR-K6Low-cost Solution Super Port Ethernet Module

USR-K6 is a new and tiny super port UART TTL to Ethernet module, which can realize the bi-directional transparent transmission between UART and Ethernet.

Function structure

Industrial-grade Design

USR-K6 is developed based on the solution of TI Cortex-M0, more efficient and reliable
Work tempt:-40~85℃ makes more stable.

Data submitted Directly to Web Server

Support terminal device transmit data with webpage server directly, do not need to care about converting.
Configuring parameters simply, implement the serial port to HTTP server data request quickly.

User-defined registration packet / heartbeat packet

Registration packet sends to server to identify the device.
Heartbeat packet sends to server to determine the active state of the device.
Heartbeat packet sends to serial port terminal to collect data automatically.
The content of registration package and heartbeat package and the heartbeat interval can change via commend.

Module will restart if timeout to keep the connection stable

If the net port or network haven’t receive the data for long time,
USR-K6 will restart when timeout to avoid abnormal situations effecting communication.


Networked Monitoring of Medical Machinery

USR-K6 can realize the data transmission between serial port and network quickly thus reducing the manpower on duty.
At the same time,multiple medical devices can be combined into local network to realize real-time information.

Industrial Automation Network Monitoring

Many traditional serial port devices does not have networking capability. USR-K6 module integrated TCP/IP protocol stack can provide the solution of network communication between serial device to server via network based on socket to improve the level of industrial automation.

Networked Monitoring of Medical Devices

The power data of the distribution box needs to be collected and reported in real time.
Tiny size module USR-K6 is industrial-grade design which can provide reliable and stable networking functions and suitable for the integrated project requirements of power monitoring.


Input Voltage


Working Current


Net port

Rj45, 10/100mMbps

Serial port


Software Parameters
Network protocol


Access way to IP

Static IP, DHCP


User parameters

Software setting, webpage setting, AT command

Single transparent transmission

TCP Server/TCP client/UDP Server/UDP Client

Similar RFC2217

Httpd client

TCP server connection

Default 4 and maximum 16
Net buffer

Send:6Kbyte; receive:4Kbyte

Serial port buffer

Receive: 2048byte

Average transport delay


Set software

USR-VCOM, USR-Cloud, parameters setting software

Package mechanism

4 byte package time and 1024byte length




35.0x19.39x18.25 mm(L*W*H)

Operating Temp.


Storage temp


Operating humidity

5%~95% RH

Storage humidity

5%~95% RH


Electrostatic bubble

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