USR-LG206-C Serial RS232 RS485 to LoRa Converter

  • Serial to LoRa Converter
  • Adopt LoRa concentrator communication protocol.
  • Support active reporting mode and polling waking mode
  • Transmission distance: 2000 meters.
  • Receiving sensitivity: -138.5dBm.
  • Support AT command mode.
  • Support hardware watchdog.
  • 5~36V power supply.
  • Support ESD protection.
  • Support power supply anti-surge protection.
  • Support RS485 anti-surge protection.

USR-LG206-C is half duplex LoRa serial server which supports LoRa concentrator communication protocol and can realize communication between user serial device and LoRa concentrator. USR-LG206-C working frequency band are: -L: 398~525MHz; -H: 803~930MHz. LG206-C transmits/receives data by serial and it can lower the wireless application threshold. LG206-C has concentrated power density, powerful anti-interference capacity and communication distance can reach 2000 meters(Open area, 5dBi antenna gain, height is greater than 2 meters, 2.5K air rate).


Wireless parameters
Frequency band L:398-525MHz, H:803-930MHz
Transmitting power

Receiving sensitivity -138.5dBm@0.268Kbps
Transmission distance 2000 meters. Test condition: Open area, clear weather, 20dBm transmitting power, 5dBi antenna gain, height is greater than 2 meters, 2.5K air rate.
Antenna SMA
Hardware parameters
Data interface
Serial port: Support RS232/RS485.
Baud rate: 1200bps~115200bps
Working voltage 5V~36V
Working current
Transmitting current: 45mA@12V.
Standby mode: 45mA@12V.
Working temperature -30℃~+80℃
Storage temperature -45℃~+90℃
Working humidity 5~95%RH
Storage humidity 1~95%RH

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