USR-N580 8 Ports Serial Device Server 

  • Secure Client work mode: TCPS, HTTPS, MQTTS
  • SSL/TLS Encryption in TCP client, HTTP  Client and MQTT modes
  • Cloud support: MQTT via AWS IOT, Microsoft Azure, Thingsboard, Alibaba Cloud, EMQX, Tuya, Cumulocity IoT and so on
  • High Reliability and Stability: EFT-IEC61000-4-4 Level 3(±2KV), Built-in hardware watchdog, ESD-IEC61000-4-2 Level 4
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Support TCP server/client, UDP server/client, https client, Virtual COM
  • 8-port 485 Modbus Gateway (3-in-1 serial port RS232/RS485/RS422)
Enabling Edge-Device Connectivity in the HoT Era
Widely supports connecting the IoT platform with standard MQTT protocol
Edge Computing

N580 actively executes data collection and internal calculatations, then transmits to cloud platform via customized JSON format.
Edge computing gateways can effectively relieve the pressure on the server.
Supports SSL/TLS encryption in TCP client, HTTP client and MQTT operation modes, supports two-way certificates authentication.
PUSR Cloud Management

Easy to achieve edge computing, pair connection, remote operation and maintenance.
Modbus Gateway
Transfer between modbus RTU and modbus TCP protocol, support modbus multi-host polling.
Support up to 128 data points for data collection and modbus address mapping.
Basic Function
Bi-directional data transmission between RS485 port and Ethernet.
Block Diagram
Cascade Connection Function
Dual Ethernet port 10/100mbps It supports switch function
Other devices can be cascaded through USR-N580.
Free Choice of Multiple Working Modes
N580 supports TCP Client、TCP Server、UDP Client、UDP Server、Httpd Client (later support
MQTT Client) and other modes ; only a simple configuration, you can achieve data pass-through function.
Arm scheme (Cortex-M7 core)to provide a better experience
Arm Cortex-M7 Scheme,480Mhz CPU, 1M RAM +4M Flash
The scheme features short transmission delay, fast data transmission speed, flexible expansion, and stability.
(MQTT/SSL/IPV6 and other major protocols will come soon, please enquire directly for more information ).
Advanced Hardware Protection
EFT Protection
Avoid interference of pulse group caused by inductive load switching in line, such as motor, frequency converter, etc.
Pause Group: Level 3.
Surge Protection
Avoid instantaneous big electric current because of the circuit such as lightning stroke, power switch, etc. which will cause damage to equipment hardware.
Anti Surge: Level 3.
ESD Protection
Prevent electrostatic damage to equipment, such as human electrostatic, dust electrostatic, electric power application of environmental arc, etc.
Contact Level 4.
Air Level 4
Internal process watchdog and external hardware watchdog work 24 hours without stopping steadily.
Product Details
L*W*H 222*122*35(mm)
including terminals and mounting ears
Shipping List
Application Case
Network Monitoring of Industrial Automation
Traditional network monitoring of industrial automation actually without networking. N580, integrating optimized TCP/IP protocol stack, provides
network scheme of serial port data to TCP/IP, which can greatly improve the level of industrial automation.
Unattended Weighing
N580 is connected with the barrier gate to facilitate the control center to control the gate switch remotely through Ethernet. At the same time, many serial ports of N580 can connect peripherals like weighing instruments, LED displays, RFID readers, vehicle induction coils, ticket printers, fitting more application scenarios.
Network Alarm for Electrical Fire
N580 can communicate with the serial port of the electric fire alarm to transmit the alarm information to the server platform quickly, and remind the staff to pay attention to the fire information, and reduce the loss of people and property.


Parameter Value
Hardware Parameters
Operating Voltage DC 9.0~36.0V
Operating Current 120mA@12V
Net interface format RJ45,10/100Mbps
Serial baud rate 600~921.6K(bps)
No. of serial ports RS485*8
Software parameters
Net protocol IPV4, TCP/UDP, HTTP
IP mode Static IP, DHCP
DDNS support
User Configuring Software/webpage configuring, serial/network AT commands
Operation mode TCP server, TCP client, UDP server, UDP client  Support two-way socket
Similar RFC2217 support
HTTPD client support
TCP server Support up to 8 TCP Clients (user-defined)
Net buffer 48Kbyte
Serial buffer Dynamic packet buffer E.g: When the packet length is 10Byte, can buffer 200 packets (2KB). When the packet length is 1460Byte, can buffer 5 packets (7.3KB).
Average delay <10ms
Related software USR-VCOM, set-up software
485_EN switching speed <100us
Flow control XON/XOFF
Registration packet User-defined, MAC, USR Cloud
Web to serial Websocket function
Heartbeat packet UART, NET
Hardware protection Electrostatic protection ESD: level 3
Anti-surge: level 3
Pulse group: level 3
Dimension 222*122*35mm(L*W*H With the terminal, ears)
Operating temperature -40~+85°C
Storage temperature -40~105°C
Operating humidity -40~+85°C (Industrial)
Storage humidity -45~105°C, 5~95%RH (non-condensing)
Accessories Power adaptor, Ethernet cable
Packaging Electrostatic bubble

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