Commercial Internet of Things

School IoT Laboratory

Integrating IoT devices and sensors into school laboratories empowers the young to build a smart nation. By embracing SCADA, AI, and IoT, students gain knowledge and skills vital for Industry 4.0. These labs cultivate innovation by merging hardware, software and human collaboration. Students develop a holistic understanding of emerging technologies, preparing them to thrive in a connected world.

Smart restaurant solutions leverage IoT innovations like service delivery robots, smart sensors and connected kitchens. Service Robots autonomously deliver orders, optimizing staff efficiency. Smart Sensors manage reservations and monitor environmental conditions. IoT-powered kitchens streamline food preparation and inventory management. Real-time customer feedback systems provide valuable insights. Embracing these technologies enhances operational efficiency, elevates customer satisfaction, and drives business success in the restaurant industry.

Smart Restaurants

Delivery robot in elevator, another one carry food moving in the hall. Touchless delivery concept. 3D rendering image.

Smart Hotels

Smart Hotels revolutionize the hospitality industry with cutting-edge automation, ensuring an unparalleled guest experience from start to finish. Seamlessly integrating advanced technology, our state-of-the-art solutions empower guests with complete control over their stay, from effortless check-in to effortless check-out.

Through our innovative system, guests can effortlessly manage their bookings and customize their room settings, granting them unparalleled convenience and personalization. Smart Hotels redefine the notion of hospitality, delivering an exceptional level of comfort, efficiency, and guest satisfaction.

smart door lock and handle
bluetooth controller screen of smart bedroom