Commercial Automation

Our strength with commercial automation spread across office, schools and hotels.

Office Automation

Automation with office buildings from security access controls to room automation and booking systems are all customize solutions specific to different kind of premises and its limitations.

There is no one product that serves all needs and this is where solution integration makes the difference. It is important that commercial automation improves productivity and efficiency of its premises and not just an automation to shows technological advancement.

We at I.O.T. Workz recognize this practical considerations and use design thinking to put solutions together.

School Automation

We help schools to build their lab, integrating into IoT devices and sensors into SCADA, AI and other syllabus. We would like to contribute to industry 4.0, focusing on the young and imparting them with the necessary knowledge and skills to help build a smart nation involving hardware, software and people.

Smart Hotels

Our smart hotel solutions are state of the art solutions that offers fully seamless automation from check-in to check-out. Hotel guests would be in full control of their bookings all the way to room controls.