Our SmartZ Solutions

At I.O.T. Workz, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that enhance the way we interact with our homes. Our latest offering, the SmartZ IOT product line, brings together seamless connectivity, advanced protocols, and a comprehensive range of smart devices to create the ultimate smart home experience.

Unifying Connectivity for a Smarter Future

With our proprietary mobile app, we have successfully integrated smart devices that operate on different wireless protocols, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee. Our app effortlessly connects with over 85 smart devices, ranging from fixtures to appliances, ensuring unparalleled compatibility and convenience.


Powered by our SmartZ solution, all integrations seamlessly sync with popular voice assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Tmall Genie, empowering users to control their smart home effortlessly using voice commands.

Our comprehensive range of products comprises Wi-Fi and ZigBee 3.0 protocols. ZigBee is becoming the de facto standard of Smart Home integration worldwide as Wi-Fi is subjected to bandwidth limitation, and signal fluctuations and carries higher payload as more devices are added to the wireless Local Area Network (LAN).

SmartZ IoT: Unleashing the Power of Intelligent Access Control

The SmartZ IoT product line represents the next generation of access control systems, bringing together the latest advancements in IoT and biometric authentication. 


Embrace the future of access control and experience the pinnacle of convenience, reliability, and cutting-edge technology with SmartZ IoT.


Upgrade your security today and embark on a smarter, more secure future with SmartZ IoT’s groundbreaking products.

As the global smart home integration landscape evolves, ZigBee has emerged as the de facto standard due to its reliability and scalability. While Wi-Fi networks face bandwidth limitations, signal fluctuations, and increased payloads as more devices join the wireless Local Area Network (LAN), our SmartZ IoT product line incorporates ZigBee 3.0 protocols. This ensures a stable and robust communication network, as ZigBee devices communicate seamlessly with our ZigBee gateway for monitoring and controlling all smart devices.


By leveraging ZigBee technology, we alleviate the stress that implementing a Wi-Fi-based Smart Home can bring, providing a superior user experience.

Leading the Way with ZigBee 3.0

With ZigBee devices communicating with our ZigBee gateway for monitoring and controlling of smart devices, it alleviates the stress that Smart Home implementation will have on an all Wi-Fi Smart Home.

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